12 Busbar Solar Cell 
Stronger current collection ability, Special circuit design with much lower hot spot temperature;
Module effiffifficiency up to 19.40% 
Half cell structure brings low resistance characteristic, higher lifetime generating capacity, simultaneously lower annual power attenuation;
PID Free 
PID free, due to the POE material and double glass design, also can be improved to meet higher standards for the particularly harsh environment;
Low-Light Performance 
Excellent power generation performance under Low-Light condition due to 12 busbar; better shading response benefit from half cell module;
Excellent anti-microcracking performance with more balanced interior stress; 
Strength and Durability 
Certifified for 5400Pa snow and 2400Pa loads test; 
LuckSolar Introduction:
Lucksolar is the world's leading green energy provider, committed to making clean energy illuminate
every corner of the world. We strive to provide high-efficiency, high-quality and low-cost clean energy
solutions. LuckSolar insists on continuous innovation around customer needs. We invest heavily in technology research, and promotes green energy in the world.
Electrical Specififications (STC)
Model LS-B120 LS-B120 LS-B120
Maximum Power (Pmax) 310 320 330
Power Tolerance (W) 0~+3 0~+3 0~+3
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 40.20 40.80 41.10
MPP Voltage (Vmp) 33.30 33.90 34.20
Short Circuit Current(lsc) 9.67 9.81 9.88
MPP Current(lmp) 9.31 9.44 9.51
Module Efficiency (%) 18.22 18.81 19.40
Mechanical Specififications 
Model Data
Cell Type 12BB Mono 158.75×79.375
No. of Cells 120(12×10)
Dimensions 1698×1002×6mm
Weight 19 kg
Glass 3.2mm, Low Iron Tempered Glass
Frame NULL
Junction Box IP67/IP68, 3 diodes
Output Cables 4mm²,Length 300mm
Connector type MC4 compatible
Temperature Specififications 
Item Data
NOCT 45℃ ±2℃
Temprature Coeffiffifficient (Pmax) -0.40%/K
Temprature Coeffiffifficient (Voc) -0.31%/K
Temprature Coeffiffifficient (Isc) 0.06%/K
Operating Condition Data
Maximum System Voltage 1500V/1500 VDC(TÜV)
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Maximum series fuse rating 20A
Packaging Specififications
Packing unit 33pcs.
Modules per 40’HQ container 924pcs.
Irradiance 1000W/㎡,Cell Temperature25℃,AM1.5 
LuckSolar reserves the final right for explanation on any of the information presented hereby.

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